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StampIt for Word

Automates document stamping and printing for Word. Enables marking using hollow, visible
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2 October 2009

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StampIt automates document marking and printing. It saves an average of $750 per year per user. It embeds hollow, watermark or solid words or phrases in PDF/paper documents. All stamps are completely user customizable. Stamp one, all or selected pages.

Pros: StampIt provides a convenient and standardized way of document identification. It gets integrated into MS Word seamlessly and automates the printing and marking of paper and PDF workflows. It helps you using and creating no-contrast sensitive, solid and visible watermarks or solid text on documents and PDF files. Users can create their own images in hollow/outline, visible watermark or solid format as well as from Word compatible graphics. It`s possible to use different watermarks for different copies of the same document and get them printed accordingly.

Most of the features of the program can be customized easily. There are eight predefined locations where watermarks can be placed on a page. The watermarks created can be scaled, rotated and moved to any part of a page. These crisp and clean watermark images cannot be removed from the document when embedded into it. The stamps become a permanent id associated with the document. The stamps could be in color and embedded as color images in the documents. Logos, drawings etc can also be used as stamps and printed in visible/solid form. Up to three lines of unlimited text can be used to create a stamp. Density, line thickness and color of the stamps can me modified by users when needed.

Publisher's description

Document Management for MS Word
StampIt eliminates the need for rubber stamps as it automates the marking, printing and signing of paper and PDF workflows as an Office Word add-in. Using and creating solid, outline and watermark images for document marking (and PDF files) is a snap. Altogether, StampIt provides a convenient method of standardized and consistent document marking for Word users.
Users easily create their own stamps in hollow/outline, visible watermark or solid format as well as from any Word compatible graphic. A Bates stamp is also included. Users can mark MULTIPLE COPIES of the same document -- with different images/phrases on each copy -- ALL IN ONE PRINT SESSION.
Stamp-image creation and use can be password controlled. Users can also customize most all StampIt features. For example, users can print entire documents and mark the first, selected or all pages. Stamps can be scaled, rotated or positioned to print on any part of a page. Eight preset positions are available, e.g. centered, left margin, top right, etc.
Users can automatically sign documents with graphics or text, which is customizable by user. Stamps can be locked into documents for permanent identification. StampIt provides unparalleled convenience and a crisp, clean image, which cannot be removed from the document if the stamp is embedded in the text.
StampIt eliminates unnecessary trips to the copy machine as it collates and stamps all/selected pages of documents. Users can make stamps up to three lines with unlimited text.
Existing graphics can also be made into stamps such as logos, drawings etc., which can be set to print in visible watermark form. It is a total solution to document marking, printing and signing for paper and PDF workflows.
All stamps can be user modified as to size, shape, density, line thickness and/or color. Site licenses and multi-copy discounts are available.
StampIt for Word
StampIt for Word
Version 7.0
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Dave Stevens
This programs saves me tons of time and frustration. Couldnt live without it now.
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